Vision and Mission

The future of our world will depend on the integrity of the earth’s bioresources. This is now increasingly evident as we loose species or destabilize natural ecosystems beyond their capacity to bounce back.
The loss of species to extinction is irreversible and will remain so in the future. The degradation of ecosystems beyond repair destroys the lives of countless people. Genetic erosion is a cryptic form of a disaster of immeasurable proportions.

The question that immediately comes to mind is whether the convention on Biological Diversity, at the International level and the Biodiversity Act of 2004 can protect biological values for the future mankind. However, these are the only tools that we seem to have today….

How then can we make the best of it, in the shortest possible time frame.

The development processes that are unsustainable have resulted in the overuse and misuse of biodiversity on a massive scale. The Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board is thus poised on a precipice. The Board is evolving a strategy in which we will need the active participation of a vast array of stakeholders. Every individual of our state of Maharashtra must become party to the conservation of the living resources that this glorious state possesses. This is not new in the state, as the Great ruler Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had given an edict which stressed the need to protect trees in his kingdom. The edict gave as much importance and love to trees, as was bestowed on children. This is more essential today than it was in his time.

The MSBB elicits your wholehearted support for conserving the biodiversity of our beloved state.




The MSBB will conserve the State Biodiversity through peoples’ participation of flora and fauna and preserve the diverse cultures and livestock nurtured by local people through their traditional knowledge systems.




  • The MSBB will facilitate the development of communities based initiatives through local Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs) at village, Taluka, District and State level, support creation of PBRs and recommend to Government of Maharashtra biorich areas to be conserved at Biodiversity Heritage Sites (BHS).
  • Provide capacity building for protecting folk cultures that are linked to biodiversity related livelihoods.
  • Develop a long term strategy for Biodiversity Conservation across the length and breadth of Maharashtra.