The Research and Documentation section is a prime section of MSBB. It includes the documentation of MSBB related to BMCs formation, PBR, Publications, biodiversity checklist and research projects.


  • Please find the details about Biodiversity Management Committees updates, process of BMC formation under MSBB, BMCs formed at district and village level under sub-menu BMC.
  • The documents related to Peoples Biodiversity Register activities can be found under PBR sub-option.
  • MSBB is preparing the check lists of various species diversity in Maharashtra and it is included under the Biodiversity Check Lists sub-menu.
  • The Publications is an important sub-section under Research & Documentation. It includes approved minutes of all the Board meetings, PDF files of Books / booklets published by MSBB, Reports of various programs / workshops conducted by or in association with MSBB, Power Point Presentation given by the subject experts on various occasion and posters or brochures published by the MSBB.
  • MSBB has provided funds for some of the research projects. Please find the details of such projects under Research Project sub-menu.
  • The documentation section includes web links to various international, national as well as the local organizations working in the field of biodiversity conservation under Useful Links sub-menu.