• New initiation of MSBB of conservation of Fuel wood

    Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board has initiated a new activity related to conservation of fuel wood to reduce impact on natural forests.  This is a simple upgraded version of the locally available fuel-wood stove. Dr. Dilip Singh, Member Secretary, MSBB has developed the modified version of the locally made fuel wood stove during his Ph.D. work. With his modified version of the fuel-wood stove fuel wood consumption reduce to 40%. In addition to this smoke generation is substantially lowered in this modified form. The flame is also turns to blue once the fuel wood catches fire properly. It provides more energy for cooking due to which the cooking period is also reduced considerably.

    Collection of fuel wood is a very sensitive subject and people are not ready to accept other forms of schemes in which incentive mechanism are involved. According to them the economics attached to such schemes is not useful in the long-term. Thus, a minor modification in the design of the traditional fuel wood stove is easily accepted. With this in view, this modification in the fuel wood stove has been done at several places in the Vidarbha region.

    Recently, MSBB took an initiative for installation of the modified version of fuel wood stove in Ratnagiri district in association with Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, Chiplun. On 17th July 2014 initial meeting took place at Ratnagiri during which Dr. Singh demonstrated how to modify the existing fuel wood stove by using metal grating plates generally used in building construction. The 8 x 10 inches grating plate which is to be put at the base of the stove and a free passage needs to be creates below the plate from left to right end of the stove. The overall process costs a maximum of Rs 80.00 which is the cost of the plate.

    Dr. Singh along with Dr. Mungikar, Dr. Gujar demonstrated the process in Valoti village in Chiplun block at Shri Sachin Bamne’s house. Several people were present on this occasion. A team of Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra was also present for the same and Shri Bhau Katdare has started to spread this mechanism in Chiplun area. Please find a report of the Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra on the same.

    Member Secretary Dr. Dilip Singh while discussing with the local people

    Dr. Singh demonstrating how to do the modifications in the traditional fuel wood stove

    Dr. Singh actually setting up fire in fuel wood stove


    News flashed in local Newspaper

    Report of Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, Chiplun regarding the activity

    People modifying their fuel wood stove

    Housewife working with modified stove

    Successful implementation of modified fuel wood stove in Chiplun Area in association with Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra

    News flashed in Local Newspaper dated 21st August

  • The Chairman of Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board Dr. S. S. Chaudhari, APCCF, Rajasthan along with the Member Secretary Mr. Deepak Bhatnagar, IFS and Shri Ravindra Kumar Bhargava had a meeting with Dr. Erach Bharucha, Chairman, Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board at MSBB Pune office on 12th April 2014. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss about process of Biodiversity Management Committees formation and development of People’s Biodiversity Registers under different BMCs in Maharashtra. The Chairman of both the states shared information about the BMCs formed in the respctive states and the mechanism for PBR development. On 13th April the Chairman, Member Secretary and Scientific Officer of RSBB visited to Purushwadi in Akole block of Ahmednagar district to look at the People’s Biodiversity Register completed by local BMC. The tour was organised and coordinated by Dr. Rahul Mungikar, Sr. Research Consultant, MSBB Pune office.

    RSBB Chairman Dr. S. S. Chaudhari having discussion with Dr. E. Bharucha, Chairman, MSBB

    RSBB Member Secretary Shri. Bhatnagar and Shri Bhargava

    Glimpses of landscape & biodiversity around Purushwadi village in Akole, Ahmednagar

    The RSBB team in Purushwadi

    The Member of local BMC showing hand written People’s Biodiversity Register to the RSBB Chairman and the Member Secretary

    The display of sample collection of biological materials done by the BMC of Purushwadi

    Herbarium specimens prepared and preserved by the local BMC

    Discussion with local BMC members of Purushwadi

    Local member while showing sample specimens and explaining it to the RSBB team

  • People’s Biodiversity Registers in Ahmednagar District

    People’s Biodiversity Registers is an important function of a Biodiversity Management Committee at village level. In Maharashtra the MSBB has initiated PBR activity since 2013. There are many Non-Governmental Organizations which are directly helping to the Board and to the villages for developing PBR document at local level. Such initiative also has been taken by well known Watershed Organization Trust, Pune through its watershed program. WOTR is working in Akole and Sangamner Blocks of Ahmednagar district. Presently WOTR is working in more than 30 villages in this area and has completed a process of PBR documentation form 25 villages.

              The Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board has financially supported to the BMCs of Shiswad, Purushwadi, Khadaki Bk, Malegaon Pathar and Khandagedara from Ahmednagar district for completion of PBR documents. Accordingly Dr. Rahul Mungikar, Senior Research Consultant of the Board had visited to some of these villages and noted the progress of PBR done at local level. A small scale workshop was organised on 3rd April 2014 during this visit by WOTR at Darewadi in Ahmednagar district. The Panchayat and BMC members were present for the program. The villager also produced their PBR documents during this program. The funding approved by the Board to five BMCs was distributed in this program for which officials of Ahmednagar Forest Department were also present.

             The overall activity was coordinated by Dr. Dharmaraj Patil & Dr. Girish Jathar of WOTR, Pune.

    Please find the glimpses of the PBR document done by different villages in Ahmednagar district with the help of WOTR organization.

    PBR document of Gondoshi Village

    Hand written notes in PBR document as per the formats of State Biodiversity Board

    List of local Vaidus

    Distribution of Funds to BMCs in Ahmednagar District

    Dr. Rahul Mungikar, Sr. Res consultant of the Board delivering a lecture to the villagers about BMC & PBR

    Certificates were issued to the local barefoot botanist and volunteers who actively participated in PBR program